Introducing XLite

The lightweight, multi-asset wallet powered by Blocknet.

Download XLite

Securely store and manage your cryptocurrencies with the new lightweight wallet built by Cloudchains Inc. and powered by the Blocknet protocol.

Decentralized Security

Secured by a network of decentralized service nodes, with no centralized servers.


Easily manage all your assets with a single seed phrase.

DEX Compatible

Connect to the Block DX decentralized exchange for trading.


Your private key stays on your device, not a 3rd party server.

Supported Assets

...with many more coming soon

Find any asset easily with the built-in search and quick links.

See your total portfolio balance at a glance.

Get a quick overview of your main assets directly from the dashboard.

View your latest transactions in the dashboard, with a dedicated page available for more detailed info.

Light & Fast

XLite uses uses the Blocknet's XRouter protocol which allows you to store, manage and trade over 100+ assets without downloading terabytes of blockchain data. This means no long sync-times between launching the wallet and using it.

Atomic Swap Ready

XLite can be connected directly to Block DX decentralized exchange for non-custodial cross-chain atomic swaps. No registration, deposits or KYC is required.
Simply download Block DX and start trading directly from your XLite wallet.

Trustless by Design

XLite is designed from the ground up to ensure your coins remain secure under your sole control. Unlike most lightweight wallets, XLite does not rely on centralized servers to provide data or relay transactions honestly.

Download XLite

Latest version: 1.0.4
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